black and gray microphone on black and gray microphone

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black and gray microphone on black and gray microphone


Simple webcam app to take pictures, with automatic picture taking at any interval

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volume at half point


Volume²  is an alternative volume control that completely replaces the standard Windows volume control. Volume²  provides easy customization of hotkeys and mouse events for volume control. It also has a simple task scheduler that lets you launch apps or control the volume. Creator:  

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flat screen television turned-on

SVG Cleaner

svgcleaner helps you clean up your SVG files, keeping them free from unnecessary data. Creator :  

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photo of optical disc drive

Space Sniffer

SpaceSniffer is a freeWare (donations are welcome) and portable tool application that lets you understand how folders and files are structured on your disks. Creator :

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red and black crt tv


Simply run the screendumper.exe file. And look at your system tray, right-click to see options

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green frog iphone case beside black samsung android smartphone


QuickDroid is a small utility that make it easy to transfer files from a pc, to a device (phone or tablet) running android. Root should not be requirement but does always help. Functions include: – Transfer files to Anywhere on the phone (/system requires root) – Install multiple APK files at once (/system requires root) […]

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red and white worm garden stake

Quick Danish Letters

Simple app to quickly translate danish letters like ae, oe, aa into the danish versions, automatic. Simply write Koebenhavn and it will fix the danish letter. Windows only

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assorted-color photo frame lot


NB: Obsolete software Small tool to minify SVG images (drag and drop) Reduces SVG sizes by average of 50% Source :

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A simple windows tool I created long time ago, for doing color picking.

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Minimize almost all windows apps to system tray.   Creator :  

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